Spotify Pie Chart: How to Create Spotify Pie Chart 2024

Spotify Pie Chart: If you really like music, you might know about Spotify. It is a huge online music player with lots of songs all over the world.

Some other websites, like Spotify Pie and Spotify Color Palette, can take your Spotify history and turn it into a cool chart.

It shows you interesting information about your music choices.

Spotify Pie
Image: Spotify Pie

In this article, we learn about How to make your own Spotify Pie Chart and How to See Your Spotify Pie.

What is Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie is a cool website made by Darren Haung. It looks at what music you love on Spotify and makes a colorful pie chart of your favorite songs, genres, and artists.

Lots of people are loving this idea worldwide because it’s a fun way to see what tunes you’ve been into lately.

The Spotify Pie Chart has become super famous. People are excited to check out what they’ve been jamming to in the past month. It’s like a snapshot of your music world.

This tool, just like Judge My Spotify, is awesome to show off your music taste. You can share your pie chart with friends and even post it on social media.

It’s a neat way to let others know what songs and artists you’re into. Everyone can see your musical vibes and give you a thumbs up!

How to Create Spotify Pie Chart?

Let’s learn How to Create Spotify Pie Chart of your favorite music using any device like your phone or computer.

This tool is super cool and shows what songs and podcasts you like each month.

How to create Spotify Pie Chart
Image: How to create Spotify Pie Chart

Follow these easy steps to get your Pie Chart:

  1. Go to the huangdarren website.
  2. Look for the button that says “LOGIN TO SPOTIFY” and click it.
  3. The tool needs your permission to use your Spotify info, so press the “Agree” button.
  4. That’s it! After you click Agree, a screen will show up with a Spotify Pie Chart that tells you all about your music choices.
Spotify Pie Chart
Image: Spotify Pie Chart

Now you can see which songs you enjoy the most. It’s like magic! Try it out on your phone or computer and have fun discovering your musical taste.

Be careful: Spotify Pie is a different website that mixes things up. It asks for permission to look at your Spotify history to make a nice pie chart. Remember, Spotify Pie is not approved by Spotify, even though it makes cool pie charts using your music data. So, be cautious when using it!

How Does Spotify Pie Work?

Nowadays, many people like to stand out on the internet in unique ways.

One cool thing happening is with special websites, like Spotify Extensions, made by others, giving Spotify users a different music experience.

One of these cool tools is Spotify Pie. It makes a Spotify pie chart with data about the songs you listened to on Spotify last month.

But don’t worry, it asks for permission first to use your Spotify info.

How Does Spotify Pie Work? Well, it uses something called an API to get your Spotify data.

The API pulls info from Spotify, then Spotify Pie analyzes it and makes colorful pie charts that show your music habits.

It’s like turning your music history into a tasty pie! So, if you are curious about your music taste, try a Spotify Pie.

It’s a fun way to see and share what songs you have been into lately.

Spotify Pie Chart Generator Features

If you love music, you have probably heard of Spotify the go-to place for a massive collection of songs, albums, and podcasts.

Now, there is a cool tool called the Spotify Pie Chart that can turn your listening history into a visual delight.

1. Diverse Genres Galore

Huang Darren’s website offers a fantastic feature— a wide range of music genres, from classics to the latest hits.

2. Monthly Musical Updates

Say goodbye to the long wait for annual updates. With Spotify Pie Chart, you get fresh data every month, revealing your musical journey without any hassle.

3. Your Personalized Musical Slice

The tool provides a personalized feed based on your top genres, songs, and artists. Your unique slice of the pie reflects your music taste beautifully.

4. Share Your Musical Vibes

While there’s no direct sharing option, you can easily take a screenshot of your pie chart and flaunt it on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

5. User-Friendly Interface

Designed for everyone, the Spotify Pie Chart website boasts an easy-to-use interface. No tech wizardry required—just dive in and enjoy!

6. Absolutely Free

The best part? It’s free for all Spotify users. No subscriptions needed; just connect your Spotify account and let the musical magic begin.

Pros & cons of Spotify Pie

Visualizes your Spotify listening habits in a fun and engaging wayOnly compatible with Spotify and doesn’t support any other music streaming app
Generates shareable pie charts that you can easily post on social mediaFor a song to be counted in your stats, it has to play for at least 30 seconds
Tracks your listening habits over time so you can see how your tastes changeDoesn’t provide any detailed insights into your listening habits, such as your favorite artists or songs
Is completely free to useNo Free
Table: Pros & cons of Spotify Pie

Why Spotify pie chart not loading?

No worries if your Spotify Pie chart is not loading it happens to many users, There are common reasons for this issue, like a slow internet connection or not linking your Spotify account properly to Spotify Pie.

Simple ways to fix Spotify pie chart not loading:

  1. Check your internet—it should be strong and fast.
  2. See if the Spotify Pie website servers are working.
  3. If your account is suspended or there’s a billing problem, it might affect the chart.
  4. Use an updated web browser because the site works best with the latest ones.
  5. Sometimes, the website could be updating its look or data while it appears offline.

Give these fixes a try, and hopefully, your Spotify Pie Chart will be up and running smoothly!

Does Apple Music support Pie Chart?

Sadly, Apple Music doesn’t have a Pie Chart feature like Spotify does. This might be a bummer for Apple Music fans who want to join in on the cool Spotify Pie chart trend.

But don’t worry, there’s another way to do something similar, even though it’s a bit different from what Spotify users do.

There’s a site called that gives you lots of info and cool charts about your music habits.

You can link it to your Apple Music account, and it’ll gather all sorts of details about your listening.

After that, you can create your own pie chart using this info and show it off to your friends online.

It might not be the same as Spotify’s Pie Chart, but it’s a neat alternative for Apple Music fans who want to share their music tastes in a fun and visual way!

Is Spotify Pie Safe to Use?

Spotify Pie is like a cool tool that looks at your music choices on Spotify, like what songs you listen to and how much time you spend on them.

Spotify Pie is safe because it uses GitHub to keep everything private and secure.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t peek into your personal stuff like your name or address. It only cares about your music taste.

So, imagine your music history turning into a colorful pattern, like a tasty pie chart.

This special app does that for you without messing with your personal info.

It’s like a colorful peek into your music world, and it’s all about the tunes you love!


Can you use Spotify Pie Chart on a computer?

Yes, you can make your own pie chart on your PC.

Can Spotify Pie work with other music apps?

Nope, it only works with Spotify and doesn’t team up with others like YouTube Music, Amazon Music, or Apple Music.

Is Spotify Pie like Spotify Wrapped?

Nope, they are not twins. Spotify Pie is like a friend who comes from another place, while Spotify Wrapped is already living in the same house as Spotify.


In short, Darren Haung made Spotify Pie, a cool tool letting you see your music likes in pie charts.

It works with Spotify, teams up with GitHub for safety, and gets regular updates. This tool is great for music lovers.

Even though it only works with Spotify, it’s fun features and easy design change how people check their music info.

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