5 Coolest Spotify Easter Eggs 2023

Do you know about Spotify Easter eggs 2023 in music? They are like secret surprises hidden in songs or music apps that you might not be aware of.

Even though Spotify seems like a regular music streaming service, it actually has some hidden goodies for its users.

Apart from hidden features and updates, Spotify has some Easter eggs to entertain its users.

Spotify Easter Eggs
Image: Spotify Easter Eggs

Over the past few years, only five Spotify Easter eggs have been discovered.

In this post we see List Of 5 Coolest Spotify Easter Eggs 2023 and What are Easter Eggs in Spotify Music Platforms?

What are Easter Eggs in Spotify Music Platforms?

Easter eggs are like hidden surprises in software, such as secret commands, hidden games, or special content.

They make using the software more exciting, like a fun surprise. You find them when you explore or try new things.

On music platforms like Spotify, people really like finding these surprises. It’s like looking for hidden treasures on the platform.

Especially on music platforms like Spotify, Easter eggs have become popular. Users are excited about the idea of finding something amazing.

It’s a bit like a treasure hunt, where users actively explore the platform, hoping to discover these hidden surprises.

When you do find an Spotify Easter Egg, it can lead to discovering unreleased songs and rare recordings.

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List Of 5 Coolest Spotify Easter Eggs 2023

Spotify Easter Eggs 2023:

  1. Star Wars Easter Egg
  2. Winter Christmas Easter Egg
  3. Stranger Thing Easter Egg
  4. Pride Easter Egg
  5. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

You can only attempt the Star Wars Easter Egg on Spotify’s desktop version. This is because Spotify has removed all the others, and they are only available for a limited time.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Star Wars Easter Egg

The only spotify easter egg currently working on Spotify is related to Star Wars. To discover it, just play a track from the Star Wars soundtrack.

It features three distinct lightsabers that you can interact with to alter their colors.

Winter Christmas Easter Egg

The special Easter Egg for Winter Christmas on Spotify added a holiday atmosphere to your Spotify screen.

When you played a Christmas song, the progress bar transformed into a candy cane, and snowflakes gently fell on your screen.

Only a few internet users discovered this feature, and it’s no longer accessible.

Stranger Thing Easter Egg

Stranger Thing Easter Egg

While Stranger Things was available on Netflix, Spotify introduced a unique feature related to the series’ soundtrack.

This feature would activate a flashlight scene if the user remained inactive on the screen for some time.

The individual responsible for implementing this feature is José Manuel Péres, a developer.

Pride Easter Egg

In the Star Wars Easter Egg, a progress bar that looks like a lightsaber appeared.

Likewise, when you played the ‘Pride Classics’ playlist on Spotify, a rainbow slider showed up.

It even showed various Pride logos. Unfortunately, the rainbow volume slider Easter egg is no longer on Spotify.

But, there’s a possibility that we might see similar surprises again in the future.

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Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Nyan Cat Easter Egg

In 2011, Spotify made a special progress bar for the song “Nyan Cat” by Nyan Cat.

It only worked when you played that song. Sadly, this fun surprise has been taken away and won’t be coming back.

Spotify’s Next Easter Egg

New Easter eggs will be included in this list. Make sure to come back and check in a few years.

Spotify doesn’t add Easter eggs frequently, so you might need to wait a year or two for the next one. In the last 10 years, only four have been added.

Regrettably, you can’t enjoy the Nyan Cat, Pride, Christmas, or Stranger Things Easter eggs anymore because they have been taken out.

I attempted to download older versions of Spotify to reactivate the Easter eggs, but it didn’t succeed.


How do I enable Spotify Easter eggs?

To find the hidden easter eggin Spotify, just listen to the songs or playlists that match the easter egg you’d like to discover.

What are Spotify Easter eggs?

Spotify Easter eggs are like secret treats which is hidden in the music app that surprise users who discover them.


In conclusion, Spotify Easter eggs add an element of fun and discovery to the music streaming experience, making it even more enjoyable for users who stumble upon these hidden gems.

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